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Software that reads your handwriting,really…for free?

posted Dec 22, 2020, 12:25 PM by CP Williams

We all take notes
 In meetings
Designing projects
Sharing ideas
Working out problems
For School/ Class
You can always grab your phone and snap a photo of it but it’s still just a picture.
You are probably like me and really want editable text.

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There’s an App for that!

An app you can use any time, for no cost at all!
Download the RocketBook App to your phone
Download and print any of the Rocket Book Free PDF and use them to take notes.
This is all FREE and designed to teach you how to use the technology.
Learn how to take notes and use the app to deliver images where you want them. 
The app reads your well-defined handwriting and it will forward your notes to your email, google docs, or other sites for storage. 

You can write file naming instructions ##{Insert_document_name}##  on the top of the page and the software will name the file for you before it sends it.

Like the man says on TV, ‘But wait there’s more!’

Waste less paper while your taking notes?  How about re-usable Paper!
RocketBook has a line of notepads, planners, Panda Planners, and index cards that are all reusable. Imagine never having to buy another planner again?  Just keep reusing the same one over and over again.

Write on them with a Pilot Frixion pen and it dries like normal, does not smudge after it is dry.  Snap a picture of them with the RocketBook App when finished with your notes. Need a clean page or erase something? Use the included microfiber cloth, dampen a section of the cloth, wipe off the page or area to erase and polish it off with a dry section your page is ready to use again and again.  

Feeling creative? Design your own forms!

Make your own special forms for your planner.  Take a fine-tipped Sharpie permanent marker and design your own pages. You won’t remove the Sharpie with water but the Pilot Frixion Ink will wash off. I tried this and am absolutely positive this is a great use of simple technology and I think you will agree.  

Take note! (Couldn’t resist a pun) You can organize your notes and help reduce waste just by doing things a little bit differently.

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