CMC Imaging

Creating timeless solutions for systems requiring decades of service.

We create elegant systems by merging library science with digital capture and data management.  Bits of data now become libraries of information. Usable by many instead of seen by only one person.
Timeless Solutions
Docuware Partner since 1998
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Docuware offers amazing software providing functions for :

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Docuware is the perfect framework to build a system. Gathering information, building workflows, and maintaining the library of information are all processes easily built.

Over 12,000 State of Illinois employees and numerous public access clients have secured access to their departmental records thru Docuware.

Desktop scanners are by far the smallest workhorse in the field. Up to 3,000 pages a day at 25 pages(50 images) per minitue they are a powerhouse in a small package.

Departmental Starting at 60 Pages(120 images) per minute up to 25,000 pages a day these machines can make mole hills out of the mountains of paper.

Production Starting at 110 pages (220 images) per minute these machines can chew thru 65,000 pages per day! Thats about 4 filing cabinets of paper.

Capture Software

Scanners may look alike but they don’t perform like an Alaris Scanner.

Alaris/Kodak scanners have a long history of being the workhorse of scanners. They are fast and software is consistent so users only have to learn one.