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    • 02/17/2021 at 11:31 AM #1799

      The white paper on DocuWare version 7.3’s system architecture explores the software’s inner-workings. Anyone with an interest in IT will love this level of detail and insight.


      Find out how DocuWare On-Premises is built in the recently updated White Paper System Architecture. Featuring comprehensive information on how DocuWare on-premises is structured, the white paper also highlights which changes and new components were added as compared to previous versions.

      Beyond providing you with a good overview of the entire architecture, you’ll also get to know components in detail, both as they work on the front and in the back end. What tasks are assigned to a component, what other “parts” does it communicate with, where are its functions managed, and what should be considered when installing it? All of these questions (and many others) are answered here. The white paper also keeps you current on databases and storage locations, file cabinet architecture, scalability, integrations, and much more.

      The white paper is available online and as a PDF download.

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      Claudia Goebel
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      July 29, 2020

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