A wide variety of scanning services are available.
Conversion services to and from most any media and file type. From Paper to Digital – Business sized paper to PDF,TIF, JPG or other image formats less than a box of paper to whole records roomsFrom Large drawings to Digital – Custom sizes from A to 52″ wide color, Black and White or Gray scale.  From Digital to Film and Film to Digital – Digital image files in many different formats from PDF to PNG to 16mm and 35mm black and white film. 
From Digital to Digital – Digital image files in many different formats from PDF to PNG Complete systems converted to other systems specializing in Docuware, Fortis and many others.
Library design – Digital image files need a place to live and a like a real library a well designed digital library can last for many years unchanged and still be effective. 

Bulk/Batch Management  – Paper, boxes and drawing rolls are hard enough to manage now add them all together and it seems like a very big job to complete.  How you manage it is key to the success of your conversion. CMC Itrax is our exclusive system that allows for forward and backward tracking of images and batches.  This system is simple to implement and lives with the documents and data we convert even after you delete them.  Find lost documents in minutes. Find errors that no one else could dream of finding. We related it all in one simple process we call CMC ITRAX and we can make it work for you.

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