Docuware Desktop Running Slowly on upload Versions < 7.4

This is a common issue with clients.  Here are some suggestions as to why this might be happening and pershaps a solution:

1: Turn off OCR before it is uploaded.  Docuware automatically turns on OCR as part of the import process. This uses the local machines CPU and drains the processor very quickly. Find the checkbox on the setup for the import/scan and turn it off. 

2: Size matters, so if your documents are VERY large or there are a large number of them or both this just may be the facts of life.  Speed is a function of how fast the local PC is, how good the connection is to the server and how busy/fast the server might be.  Test it at different times of the day to see if there is difference. 

3: Network, I can HONESTLY say that 80% to 90% of the issues I have with Docuware is based on NETWORK! Most of those issues are first think in the morning, lunch time and end of day.  People get on first thing in the morning and afternoon and Group Policies, EMAIL etc generate a great deal of traffic..  See if the issue is time based, try different times of the day.   Also let your network admins know they may actually have a switch going bad or a DNS not setup properly.

4: Not enough horsepower locally.  If you look at any software they will tell you the minimum amount of RAM and CPUY speed they recommend, if your computer is right at that number of below, your PC could be dragging it down as well.  It might be time for an upgrade. 

From an IS point of view there are other tricks I won’t go into here, no sense in having every user messing with settings just because they saw them in a post.