Your Big files cannot be uploaded with Docuware Desktop-FIX

The Docuware Desktop has several services that allow the users to scan import and upload files to web baskets but there is a limit set by Docuware and files larger than 100 Meg are not sent. An administrator on the web server can change this by editing 1 line in 1 file.

Open IIS and find Docuware Web Client
Under that there is a folder named Docuware
Under that is an item called JobServer
Point to and right click on Jobserver and select the first item from popup menu: Explore
You should see a web.config file. Open the web.config file with Notepad and change the line that reads:

To change this to 200 meg the value should read “200000”
Save the file.

BE CAREFUL you could make the size bigger than the size of the basket or the size of a volume and it still will not function correctly.