Where did the Docuware Keep Entry and Pre-Indexing options go in my store dialog?

Users who stored in Docuware often took advantage of the Keep Entry and the Pre Index options in the full client store dialog.
Now that we are using the Online Tray where did these options go? 
Docuware responds and displays information to the users depending on their MODE.
If you are not in a STORE mode you won’t see these options.

So to find these options you will need 2 or more items in a tray. 
Select 2 or more items and then click on STORE
Select the File Cabinet to Store to
You should not see a storing into file cabinet (1/???) at the top of the index screen and the document should be displayed. 
Look to the right of the STORE button you should find a GEAR looking ICON. 
When you click on this ICON you will see storage options.
Pre-Index-allows you to index and not store
Delete from Document Tray-once the document is stored it is deleted from the tray
Keep Entries – This keeps the index information in all fields from one screen to the next. 
It is that simple.  
Choose the options you need and get storing!