Using DWControl Font with Docuware Printer

Docuware printer is a useful tool on your desktop that converts Documents that are printed into PDF-A documents in a Docuware Tray.This can be accessed from any software just by printing.  
Added to that function you can pre-determine some things as you print a document to the printer using DWCONTOL font and Printer commands. These commands look a bit like this:<ControlStatements xmlns=”” xmlns:xsi=””>
<dwControl:SelectConfiguration name=”Testing Printer vs Import”/>
<dwControl:Field dbName=”FYEAR” type=”Text” value=”2017″/>
<dwControl:Field dbName=”CONTROL” type=”Numeric” value=”31,2″ culture=”en-US”/>
<dwControl:Form path=”C:\DWforms\c13_09.tif” />

BUT They MUST BE IN DWCONTROL FONT  which should be found on your computer if you have installed the Printer.They can be any color and any size. So you can make them white at 1 point font and it will still work.They can be strung together into one line. 
XML does not require end of line chars that is really to make XML easier to read. so the above line can look like one continuous line of the smallest font you can create. 

<ControlStatements xmlns=”” xmlns:xsi=””><dwControl:SelectConfiguration name=”Testing Printer vs Import”/><dwControl:Field dbName=”FYEAR” type=”Text” value=”2017″/><dwControl:Field dbName=”CONTROL” type=”Numeric” value=”31,2″ culture=”en-US”/><dwControl:Form path=”C:\DWforms\c13_09.tif” />
EVEN SMALLER than I can put on this screen. 
The above statements basicall tell DOCUWAREListen I got something for you to do:<ControlStatements xmlns=”” xmlns:xsi=””>
Use the “TESTING PRINTER vs IMPORT” configuration:
<dwControl:SelectConfiguration name=”Testing Printer vs Import”/>
Add 2017 to the FYEAR field in the Filecabinet Database:
<dwControl:Field dbName=”FYEAR” type=”Text” value=”2017″/>
Add 31,2 to the numeric field ‘CONTROL’ in the Filecabinet Database:
<dwControl:Field dbName=”CONTROL” type=”Numeric” value=”312″ culture=”en-US”/>
Use the C13 form as an overlay:<dwControl:Form path=”C:\DWforms\c13.PDF” />

These field based commands are the same for a DWCONTROL file using IMPORT. 
Here are some other references you might find helpful: