Teleforms is giving me an RLOCK What is wrong

If you are using Teleforms you know how rock solid it is but there is one error that is raised from time to time. RLOCK….It is normally observed by the users who while working have the program lock up and not allow them back in.  They get an error that the License Manager is not running. 
You go to the machine running the license manager and read the Windwos ERror log and find that it has an  RLOCK error. and the service shuts down.  
You need to find the teleforms log. Which is C:\Users\All Users\Cardiff\TeleForm\Find the log file with the most recent date scroll to the bottom of the tflicsvc-JBDOCUWARE_01.logThis log should show you the errors in MANY cases Look for the error JUST BEFORE the RLOCK errors started….THIS is probable the real culpritIn the last system it was 06/02/2020 02:18:30 AM – Error:  Resource Checker – The directory \\servername\storagePATH\Teleform 10\bat where batch files are stored has insufficient free space (< 200 MB available)
Deleted some information from that location and it all started back up.