My service will not start…commonly Authentication Service Failed or is not available

You are trying to login to Docuware and the error you get is “There is not Authentication Service available”  What does that mean?
Docuware is a complete system within itself and it has its own login methods available outside of the operating system you already logged into. You might be confused because you have never actually logged into Docuware and this is probably because Docuware can talk to the operating system and see who you are and when the system and Docuware are synchronized they can automatically log you in without added passwords etc. 

So when that fails as it did above What’s wrong?
Authentication is a SERVICE on the Docuware server taking in information, performing tasks, and sending back information.  These services are the heart of Docuware, they do most of the actual work.  Think of them as call centers, your local computer connects to them thru a number much like a telephone number, we call it a port number. The most common port number for the authentication service is ‘servername:9001’.  It reminds me of the early days of the telephone when instead of a prefix people used names like “Pennsylvania6-9000”.  The Authentication service takes the call to that number and then performs the tasks requested of it. 

Just like people, services need TO DO lists. These lists are called queues.  If you are in Europe you are already familiar with queuing. If you are in the US the Europeans often call the line you stand in for things like rides at an amusement park a ‘queue’.  A queue puts things in order as they are in with a few exceptions.  In Docuware we use the Microsoft Queuing system and it works very reliably until the software and the queue get out of sync.  This is commonly caused by computer crashes or improperly shutting down a server without shutting down Docuware Services first.

This does not always cause this problem but in my experience, if the queue is messed up and the service is not restarting, this is commonly the cause. In this case, you can clear out the queue and restart the services.   
First log onto the Docuware Server if you do not have the rights to do then pass this problem onto the Administrator who can, sorry.
Once you are logged onto the server you can check the event/window logs/system to verify the error.  It could be a bad password or permissions error but most of the time it is a Microsoft queue error such as ‘Microsoft Message Queue system is denied’  then you need to:

    1: Stop all DocuWare services.     
2: Go to the C:\Program Files (x86)\DocuWare\Power Tools run >> DocuWare.MessageBusAdministration.exe
    3: Delete all Private Microsoft Message Queues
    4: Follow all of the prompts to complete this.  If there are issues it will help you resolve them.
    6: Restart Authentication Service FIRST and WAIT for it to start.
    7: Start the remaining services.

Everything should fire right up.  If not contact your Docuware supporting company or Docuware service for help.
We hope this helps you get back on your feet!