My login changed and now my imports won’t work, directory already watched by another import

This can be a very common error in a large enterprise network when you get moved from one domain to another. Docuware stores all of your information about your accounts in 2 places. The main location is relative to the username you login with. That means for every user who logs into that PC potentially could have Docuware settings specifically for that user. Lets explore that idea.Docuwaer stores information about Docuware Desktop App and the connection background server  as follows:

1: Local to the PC in     C:\ProgramData\DocuWare\Desktop\Secure\systemconfig.xml
    If you understand XML then this is a good reference for all the users registered in Docuware and the apps they have installed.     Otherwise this is JUST a reference, Nothing more.
2: Local to the user in     {SYSTEM}\{USER_LOGIN_NAME}\AppData\Local\DocuWare\Desktop\hotfolders.xml   in my case that isC:\Users\craig.ComMicrofilm\AppData\Local\DocuWare\Desktop\hotfolders.xmlWhen you are moved to a new domain you are technically a new user on your PC.  for Example:When I first started our domain was     RedDomainso my user directory was C:\Users\craig.RedDomain\AppData\Local\DocuWare\Desktop\hotfolders.xmlI had an import that grabbed files from the C:\Pickup directory and moved them to my Inbox Tray in DocuwareBut last week they changed the domain to     GreenDomainNow my user directory is C:\Users\craig.GreenDomain\AppData\Local\DocuWare\Desktop\hotfolders.xmlI want an import to grab files from the C:\Pickup directory and moved them to my Inbox Tray in DocuwareBut Docuware keeps telling me that directory is already watched by another import. I do not have any other imports.What is wrong?Why the long story and What does that all mean?The issue is that old login directories are still there so BOTH users still exist.Because the RedDomain was created before you moved Docuware still thinks that import is alive.  You probably did not delete it so it is still there.

SO HOW TO GET RID OF THE RED DOMAIN CONNECTION TO DOCUWARE.You may need to have an administrator to do this but there is 2 ways to do this. 1:  IF you can still login to the old domain do that. 2:  Open the DWimports and DELETE all the importers you have running there.3:  Now you can log out and login to the NEW Domain and it will allow you to build the new import.  That is the easiest way IF you can login to the old domain…..IF YOU CAN NOT then 1: Right Click on the DocuWare Desktop Apps Icon and select Exit from the new menu.2: Open Administrative Tools Services                 OR    at enter ‘services.msc’3:Find the Service Named “DocuWare Desktop Service” Right Click the Service and Stop it.4:Go to the OLD Domain users Docuware Desktop Directory      In the example above that would be C:\Users\craig.RedDomain\AppData\Local\DocuWare\Desktop\5: Delete the ‘hotfolders.xml’6: Start the “DocuWare Desktop Service” Right Click the Service and Start.    WAIT TO SEE THAT IT HAS STARTED If it does not try again….7: Close the services window8:Restart Docuware Desktop Apps (Usually under Windows Icon\Docuware9: Right click the Icon when it pops back up and select import files and build the new import. Hope this helps you to understand the issue and how to resolve the issue.