I have a batch that is locked as ‘Processing’ in Alaris/Kodak Capture Pro

Batch Status never changes from “Processing” to “Complete”Chances are the batch did not finish outputting the batch so there are a series of things to do 1: Find the output bath and rename it to something inoxious like {BATCHNAME}.OLD    Don’t forget the batch index file usually {BATCHNAME}.TMP Change it as well
2: There is a location that where the images and data are stored DURING scanning and BEFORE output.      Commonly this is at C:\ScanPro\{JOB NAME}\{BATCHNAME}
3: There should be and ‘INFO’ file open this with notepad.exe
4: Find the batch.state=PROCESSING line ( should be around the fifth line)   Change PROCESSING to NORMAL
5: Save the file and exit notepad
Refresh capture pro and re-output the file.