How to make a field longer in Docuware or change the length of a field

Changing the field size in Docuware requires either: 
    Auto-index module         or
    Access to SQL to move data from one field to another

1: Log in to Docuware Admin
2: Open the file cabinet to change
3: ADD a new field with the correct length. DO NOT FORGET to CREATE a MEANINGFUL SQL NAME AS WELL
4: Apply changes
5: Using Autoindex:
Right Click on AutoIndex and create a new process. 
Select the file cabinet to change select ‘FILE CABINET’ as a source of data select the SAME file cabinet as the data source
Use the DOCID as the MATCH CODESelect the field to fill and select FIELD and the field to get the data from….Now RUN THE JOB.
This will fill in the new field with the old data. 
SQL users:
Copy the data from one field to another. Pretty simple
UPDATE {filecab_table} SET {new_field} = {old_field};

6: Add the new field to the dialog boxes and delete the old field from the dialog boxes.    
6A: MAKE CERTAIN that if there are any processes that use the old field that you update those as well.