How to change the order of Columns in a Result List in Docuware 6.7

Docuware 6.7 now allows the web users to sort and display the data columns in the order they want them.  
(This is not a feature in the desktop software)

Doing this is easy and when you save it, for that user it becomes their default. Everyone can change only theirs and everyone can have different results lists. It is up to them to decide what their world looks like.
Open Docuware in your browser  Login if you need to

On the left side of the browser is the DOCUWARE screen, there is a big blue DOCUWARE in the upper left corner of this screen.If you move from the DOCUWARE to the right on the same line you will see your name, organization and a down arrow. ‘V’ (It really looks like a ‘V’)Click this down arrow. A popup window will appear select/click on  ‘SETTINGS’ 

Click settings in Popup

Another window will popup this time click the TAB that reads SEARCHES 



**While you are here about Searches**Search Dialogs are intuitive, if you want to see the search Dialog box on your list of searches Open the EYE on the Right of the SEARCH (it should not be blocked with a DO NOT ENTER sign) If you want to remove the search from your list of searches:
POKE the Eye closed this will place a DO NOT ENTER sign over the eye and gray it out. You can drag and drop these in any order you choose. Closed ones go to the bottom of the list. You didn’t want to see them anyway.

To Continue:Scroll to the RESULT LISTS using the scroll bar on the right of the popup 


Under RESULTS LISTS find the RESULTS you want to change. Next to it there will be a PLUS SIGN.CLICK the PLUS sign and this EXPANDS the tree for you to work with. 

Click PLUS to Expand Individual Result List to see Items

Select the field you want by hovering your mouse over the field. It will turn light blue.Click once then CLICK a second time DRAG and DROP the item anywhere onto the list you want to move it. Perhaps there is data you do not want to see. To hide fields you do not want to see, poke the eye on the right and it will GRAYOUT and not be shown. When you poke them the move to the BOTTOM of the list automatically so they are not cluttering the list. 

My new Result List

When you are done SCROLL to the VERY Bottom of this popup and click on SAVE and CLOSE. 

Click SAVE and CLOSE

Now when you search for items the results should appear the way you set them.