How Much Paper do I have to convert?

When you start any conversion project you need to quantify what you have, what you will have, and what you will keep.
Short of outright counting every image you can estimate.

Do a Gross count of what you have.

Let’s say you have 4 Drawer File Cabinets and like most those drawers are 2 foot long.
Count the number of file cabinets. Let’s say you have 10 Cabinets.
10 cabinets with 4 Drawers give us 40 drawers altogether.
Now let’s go to the Paper Calculator here
Scroll down to the fields and enter Standard Pull Out File Drawers and enter 40.
Click the Checkbox down below accepting the terms and conditions of the total <You can read them if you have time>
The total will appear for the estimated number of images and the Estimated Number of Gigabytes used when stored.

The calculator works with Cabinets, Shelves, Linear feet of paper etc.
It’s free, give it whirl.