Growing up with Docuware

Supporting a larger number of users

Docuware is capable of so much but when you first get started users often choose 1 of 2 configurations:
               Install Everything on 1 machine (Services, Web, SQL, Storage)
               Install or use existing SQL on 1 machine and Docware on 1 machine(Services, Web, Storage)

This works well until you start to grow and use it heavily.  Once that time comes what do you do?
Refer to Docuware White Papers on Architecture and you will see that they recommend that you establish SQL, FULLTEXT and STORAGE on 1 machine and

Authentication, Content, Web etc on another machine…

But you already have a system NOW what do you do? MOVE services and storage to a new machine.
I know that is sounds pretty rough but it is not all that hard as Docuware Services are very robust and can be moved provided you are a Docuware Certified person and you pay attention to what you are doing.

So there are 2 ways to do this.
1: Move SQL to a new server. Perhaps you have installed MYSQL and want to move to MSSQL
2: SQL stays on your existing BOX and you want to MOVE the Docuware services to a NEW BOX.
3: SQL is on a box already and you want to move services and storage to this box.
               This paper will discuss this option.

So let’s get started, go to the Docuware website and DOWNLOAD the document
How to Move DocuWare System – Part 1 ID# 1150 and How to Move DocuWare System Part 2 ID#2620

There is information there about:
Moving the Database from the old server to the new server
Moving storage
Moving Services or resetting services as there is a new database to deal with

So these documents can be used to accomplish Adding a New SQL Database or MOVING The Authentication and other services to a new box but it does not directly address moving JUST the services you want to move to an existing SQL BOX.

What are you moving?
According to the System Architecture you are to move the Database/Storage and Full text to the same box.  I would recommend that you add the WORKFLOW Server as well. 

First Move Workflow Service:
This is really very easy as Docuware keeps very good track of your system. I am assuming that you understand what you are doing when installing these services. This is not a verbatim step by step process but a process to follow as you move items from one server to the other.

1: Go to install location\ Docuware and Modules RUN       Setup.exe
 UNCHECK Workflow Service ONLY!

2: Docuware will remind you that it will be UNINSTALLING the service.

3: Click through changing nothing else and allow Docuware to remove the workflow service.

4: Now move to the machine you want to install the workflow service on and map\link\connect to the Docuware install and run Setup.exe

5: The ONLY Service we want to install here is the Workflow Service and the Service Control so UNCHECK ANYTHING ELSE on this screen.

5a: The system will ask if you are replacing the previous workflow service YES! Check the box Highlight the service.  This will TRANSFERE the GUID from the previous service to this one.

6: On the Client screen you will need the Service Control and you may want the Administration installed but it is not needed but it is handy.

7: Click though and let it install. The workflow service is now on a new box.

I looked around and did NOT find a whitepaper on moving Fulltext to a new server. This is my process not Docuwares.

You can UNINSTALL FullText like the Workflow service and Reinstall it anywhere BUT there is a catch. You should COPY the FullText Indexes to the new location BEFORE you do. 

The Path to the Indexes is found under Docuware\Administration\Fulltext Server Connection\Default Solr Connection

Copy all of these files to the new server and in the new location.

NOW it’s time to install, on the new machine run setup.exe.

Check ONLY the FULLTEXT Service  / Next
Client Screen/Next
This is where you enter the INDEX PATH/Service Account/Password             <NEXT>
The system will install. Make sure the services are now running by checking the control and Administrator/Services.

The new Service is INSTALLED but the OLD SERVICE is not gone.

Trouble is all of the existing users of the old service still think it is connected.  That is because the database entry for the FullText Service is still there.

Take a look at the Docuware Administrator\Data Connections\FullText Server Connection
You will see 2 of them there. Right Click on the old one on the left it will remind you of what is attached to it.

Now is a good time to try and get a list of the items you will need to change. They are file cabinets that are connected to the OLD Fulltext engine

Changing the Engine in the File Cabinet
1: Using DW Administration\{Organization}\File Cabinets\{File Cabinet Name}
Click on FullText.

2: Use the Drop Down and select the new server.

Answer YES to the reminder.

3: A NEW reminder will popup. It is REMINDING us there is NOT an APPLICATION for this file cabinet in the new fulltext engine. That is because the File Cabinet was built first.  But it is easy to fix.
4: Right Click FullText and Select Deploy Full Text Application.

5: Repeat for all of your file cabinets listed when you tried to delete the old engine.

6: Once they have all been done delete the old engine.

7:Restart IIS.