Docuware Error The Docuware Disk # ? does not contain the check file for this cabinet

If you got this message I would bet you were restoring a file cabinet to Docuware. When you restore a file cabinet to Docuware you have already, built the new file cabinet, created the Storage Location to the path where the files are located that you want to restore, you have discovered the GUID file and added it to the volumes and you ran restore.  You got data in the file but when you click on the item the image display throws this error.  
You are missing the TIMEDATESTAMP in the volumes that were once Docuware 4 volumes. Even though since version 5 the time date stamp is NOT created and used it is there to be backward compatible.  The problem is finding it and adding to the volumes that need it. 
The DATETIMESTAMP is in SQL. Open SQLFind database containing the file cabinet tables in question (USUALLY dwdata)If you are in Microsoft     Expand dwdata    Expand tables
    Right-click on dbo.DWSYS or DWSYS < Select top 1000 rows
    COPY the DBVDATETIME from the record with the same file cabinet name 
    Done with SQL    Go to the DW4 volume and create a new text file.
    Rename it with the data you just saved from SQL. Now try it. It should work immediately without any problems.
If you are restoring a very large data set this will take some time but you only have to do it once. Now there are 2 files at the root of every DW4 volume. The DATETIME and the GUID.
So what happened?  You were smart and added the GUID to the disk. The Volume was added when you added the logic disk because it saw the GUID. When you ran the restore it saw the path to the volume and found the .001 files and gathered the data.BUT the VIEWER uses the date-time stamp on the older volumes to validate that the images belong to this cabinet.
If you know something about SQL this is really easy.  If you know nothing and got this far, BRAVO you are on your way to geekdom.
Docuware has a more complex method for restoring the file cabinet that is bookmarked here: