Docuware Desktop wont Start and I see an Application error in the event log “…Found multiple X.509 certificates…”

This could be an issue were there are DUPLICATE local certificate locations stored on the PC you are working on. To get rid of this 
1: Run MMC.exe2: Menu Item ‘File\add Remove Snap (Ctrl+M)3: On the left column select Certificates Click on ADD4: Select Radio Button Item Computer account Click NEXt   4a: Local Computer should already be selected.   5: Click Finish then Click OK6: Select Certificates Start with Personal\Certificates
The items on the RIGHT side of the screen should have a column ‘Issued To’You are looking for 2 different certificates that both are issued to the IP of the error most likely that is there are 2 different certificates delete the one that is NOT Docuware Gmbh Local Authority
Restart Docuware desktop and it should work. If not see the error log and review the error again.