Building a File Cabinet in Docuware

Building a file cabinet is simple and pretty straight forward. 

1: Open Docuware Administration  You will notice that there are 2 sections to Docuware the DOCUWARE SYSTEM area is on the top left and contains the links to storage, data and other things. Under that there is your organization the arrow next to your organization will allow you to expand or collapse the sub sections.
2: Expand the sub sections looking for the subsection that reads File Cabinets. 
3: Using the RIGHT MOUSE button click on the File Cabinets, when the pop up menu appears click on Create New File Cabinet
4: Give your cabinet a name, do not make it too long as it will have to fit on screen and on buttons so make it direct and simple. Ill make one called “Employees”
5: DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE on this screen is the easiest thing to do; BUT; if you do not want to take advantage of FULLTEXT support then UNCheck the box next to it. Click on NEXT.
6: Always add index entries in Upper Case…CHECK The box next to this. Increase the time out to 3 minutes. Click Next.
7: Select a storage path… this time we WILL ASSUME that there is a Storage Path to use. Set the Capacity to DVD.  Click on Next
8: Now is the time to add Index fields. So What kinds of fields do you need?  Think of a LIBRARY…SIMPLE information to find everything so make the fields few and specific.    Examples: Human Resources may need a Employee number (why the number? Because Employees change their name)
    Hire Date, Release Date, Document Type, First and Last Name    
a: Click on Add New Field   
b: Label = Employee Number, Type Text, Len=255,Index=whatever pops up.   
c: Label = Last Name, Type Text, Len=255,Index=whatever pops up.   
d: Label = First Name, Type Text, Len=255,Index=whatever pops up.   
e: Label = Hire Date, Type Date, Index=whatever pops up.   
f: Label = Release Date, Type Date,Index=whatever pops up.   
g: good enough for now if we need to add some later we can always come back nothing is etched in stone.
    Click next
9:The Document Name is what field data will be shown when you see these documents in a basket.  Select Last Name as Document Name and Check the NOT EMPTY on Employee Number. Click Next
10: Dialog boxes are the way we interface to the computer. We create dialogs to ask the computer what is available, to add data to the system and to see what is in the system, These are the Search, Store and Results Dialogs.      ALWAYS change the name from Standard Search Dialog to something more meaningful. Search Employees. Click Next
11: Change this name to Store Employee Click Next
12: Change the Results Dialog to Employee Results Click Next
13: We will NOT be creating a tree or changing the Info Box so just click Next to get to Profile.
14: I recommend that we discuss profiles and adjusting profiles later so for now, Click FINISH 
    You just built a File Cabinet…..SIMPLE!    Now you can use it!