Adding a new Select List

Select List can be built fresh or using existing data.
Producing a Select List does not associate it to a field. 
Associating the Select List to a field does not make it active. 
Making it active does not make the users able to see it. 

What seems like a very simple thing is actually pretty complex.  A select list is the ability to associate drop down style information to the user at time of look-up or input.

To do this one has to be certain that:

The users have rights to the fields and the data
The fields have the select lists associated to them.
The dialog s have the field/select list and users associated with the them.

Step 1: New Select List
Right click on Select list New Select List
I like the name to reflect the File Cabinet and the field or if it is more universal the field name….in this case Supplier Names

The above connects to to a FILE CONNECTION but you could build a fixed list here or attach to a SQL table as well.

Step 2: Assign Select List to a Field
Select List must be assigned to a field in a file cabinet. Go to the file cabinet’s tree structure, find the field you need and add this new select list to this field.

Step 3: Add the list to Dialog boxes
Although the above action attaches a select list to a field you can have many select lists attached to a field. You have to tell Docuware which one to use where,

Open the file cabinet dialog boxes open the field and CHECK the Select list to use with that Dialog Box.

Now make sure that the users you want to see this list can see the field, the data and the dialog or this wont work!

It really pretty simple if you follow the steps:

1: Build the field
1a:Decide where the data is coming from
1b: (Optional: if the data is coming from a file create a file connection)
2: Create New Select list
3: Associate List to Field
4: Associate Field and list to dialog
5: Associate Field, List and dialog to users.