Com Microfilm Company (CMC) was founded by Robert Williams in November of 1972. 

Where it Started

Managing the Technical Drafting Department gave him experience in document management, drafting, manufacturing and engineering.

Starting with a processor and a microfilm camera, he built a strong client base of central Illinois banks.


Robert’s personal reputation, quality service, and quick turn-around gave Com Microfilm Co a solid foundation to grow from.

In 1981 Robert’s son, Craig joined the company.

New Ideas!

Computer Output Microfilm (COM) services were added to the business as well as automating the office procedure.

Laser printing images and automating duplication provided for the highest quality images and a rapid turn-around.

It was the 1980’s when CMC automated and integrated processes, read bar-codes while scanning, and converted from mainframes to PC.  Our client who ran trucking firms and shipping departments saved thousands of hours retrieving documents with fewer losses and more efficient claims management.


Craig had written the first feature article for Imaging Magazine. it provided details on building imaging systems, networks, and storage piece by piece. 



Com Microfilm leads the industry with imaging system designs lasting for decades.

Evolving methods!

iTrax products provide an innovative method for processing and managing digital information.

Direct imports into Docuware and user-configurable outputs for other systems allow users more opportunity to integrate systems effectively.


Our dedication to our evolving digital world will benefit our clients and enhance their abilities to adjust to an ever-changing world of information.

CMC Imaging, providing long-lasting systems, merging library science with sound data management.